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 1.  Healing Through Community                                 Norman Motley
 2.  The Total Human Experience                              Edwin Robertson
 3.  Christ, Son of God                                        Martin Israel
 4.  The Relationship of Psychology and Religion               Ronald Smythe
 5.  The Right Time to Die                                       Garth Moore
 6.  Christ the True Light                                     Martin Israel
 7.  Scientific Method and Psychic Experience                   A.J. Ellison
 8.  The Charismatic Scene                                   Michael Vonberg 
 9.  Christianity and the Psychic                              Martin Israel
 10. Eastern Orthodoxy (The Desert Fathers)                      Hugh Martin  
 11. Is Mediumship a Gift of the Spirit?                       Barbara Bunce
 13. The Holy Spirit                                           Martin Israel
 14. The Spiritual Work of the Fellowship                      Martin Israel
 15. The Spiritual Dimension                                 Edwin Robertson
 16. What Dying is Like                                        Michael Perry
 17. Mysticism in Daily Life                              Christopher Bryant
 18. In Place of Grief                                          Peggy Hartly
 19. Joy and Healing from Simple Poems                   Lilianne Grant Rich
 20. To Faith add Knowledge                                    Martin Israel
 21. The Christian's use of Silence                               Alan Paice
 23. Children and the Psychic Realm                           Marie Williams
 24. Does the Church need the Fellowship?                 Michael Shrewsbury
 25. The Communion of Saints                                   Martin Israel
 26. The Mysticism of A. E. Waite                             Robert Gilbert
 27. Healing and the Church                                      Garth Moore
 28. Therapist using "Rolphing" technique                    Robert Ouradnik
 29. Does Reincarnation conflict with Doctrine?                 Homar Sewell
 30. God's Power in Holistic Health Paradigm                    C T G Rogers
 31. Creative Mind                                          D N Clarke-Lowes
 32. The Place of the Paranormal in the Christian Life         Beryl Statham
 33. The Sacrament of the Present Moment                       Martin Israel
 34. Living or Existing?                                      Julian Drewett
 35. A New Heaven and a New Earth                                 Eric Doyle
 36. Aspects of the Communion of Saints                           A M Alchin
 37. Recital of Poetry and Music                             1981 Conference
 38. The Road to Discovery of Body, Mind & Spirit                John Wilson 
 39. The Psychic Dimension of Healing                          Martin Israel
 40. The Story of Lourdes                                       Martin Haigh
 41. The Spirit of Counsel                                     Martin Israel
 43. The Story of Burrswood                                  Primrose Cooper
 44. Healing                                                    Martin Haigh
 45. Recital of Words and Music                        The Brookland Singers
 46. Immortality and Resurrection (1)                          Martin Israel
 47. Immortality and Resurrection (2)                          Martin Israel
 48. Progress in Heaven                                    Donald Bretherton
 49. Reincarnation - a Christian Option?                       Michael Perry
 50. The Active Dead                                         George Appleton
 52. The Dark Night of the Soul                                Martin Israel
 53. The Cloud of Unknowing                               Christopher Bryant
 54. The Beatific Vision                                       Martin Israel
 55. Words about the Word                                       Renee Haynes
 56. The Little Way                                            Barbara Bunce
 58. Parapsychology and the Transfiguration                    Michael Perry
 59. Christians, the Atonement and Reincarnation       David Christie-Murray
 60. Parapsychology in Christian Education             Nicholas Clarke-Lowes
 61. Christian Parapsychology - The Way Ahead                  Beryl Statham
 62. Spiritualism and Parapsychology                            W de Arteaga
 63. The Enigma of the Shroud of Turin                          Frank Tribbe
 64. Error and Misdirection in Automatic Writing               Charles Fryer
 65. The Holographic Cosmos Paradigm                            C T J Rogers
 66. Christian Spiritual Autobiography                      Mary Carmen Rose
 67. Anna Kingsford - Victorian Mystic and Prophetess         David Redstone
 68. Jung and the Belief in Spirits                            Geoffrey West
 69. Spiral Energy Patterns                                     Angus Haddow
 70. Communication of Mystical Experience                     Robert Gilbert
 71. Turin Shroud, Resurrection & Mediumistic Communications       D Vaughan
 72. CFPSS & Christian Parapsychology                          Barbara Bunce  
 73. The Gospel of Death                                     George Appleton
 74. Facing the Future                                         Peter Leggett
 75. Self Discovery and Eternity                               Martin Israel
 76. You Know the Way                                          Barbara Bunce
 77. Crossing the Frontier - both ways                       George Appleton
 79. Mixed Feelings?                                          Julian Drewett
 80. He Descended into Hell                                    Martin Israel
 81. The Deceiving Light                                       Martin Israel
 82. The Challenge of Psychical Research                          Archie Roy
 83. The Inspiration of the Spirit                             Martin Israel
 84. The Nature of Time                                           Archie Roy
 85. Pilgrimage - Darkness & Light                                John Smith
 87. Sensitivity - The Christian Context                       Barbara Bunce
 88. As a Man Thinks in His Heart                          Catherine Drewett
 89. The Meaning of Reality                                    Martin Israel
 90. The Resurrection of the Body                              Martin Israel
 91. The Role of the Fellowship in the Life of the Church     Julian Drewett
 92. Christian Mediumship                                  Catherine Drewett
 93. Evidence for Survival                                        Archie Roy
 94. The Palm Sunday Case                                         Archie Roy
 95. Experience of the Light Without                              Archie Roy
 96. Experience of the Light Within                               Archie Roy
 97. Reincarnation - Fact or Fancy?                            Peter Leggett 
 100 Observations of a Sceptical Physicist                John  Polkinghorne

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